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TjproSEO helps marketers with more interactive and result-oriented advertising. In digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), we always seek to provide the best customer experience through our patented software and customized hardware. TjproSEO Media’s is an uninterrupted client and device interaction which updates content in minutes and is one of the most advanced software systems in the market, with audio and video features. Creating mutual benefits for residential, commercial, and mall properties is our forte.

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 Digital Display Solutions

We provide enterprise-level fine pitch display solutions that offer clear pictures with high resolution formats that blend precisely with aesthetics and an operating interface that makes it easy to change content at will

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As of now, we are advertising in some of the communities in different states of India, which you can view in an Excel sheet that has all the details with state numbers

There is a good reason why digital out-of-home advertising is more effective than television ads, print media, radio, and online advertising as it has a 100% rate of visibility during the waiting period. In order to ensure maximum recollection of data, digital residential advertising ensures maximum recollection of data.

It helps Resellers and brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range. We are happy to welcome resellers to sell our services