How to rank your YouTube video easily with SEO as well as SMM panels!

Rank your YT video with the speedy ranking tips here  Part 1.

  • 1) Improve video content: People seek content to help them, solve problems, learn, entertaining etc.. Google believe video is the best way to answer people search query

  • 2) Be Sure with video length: More engagement your video gets higher ranks, make video at least 2min as if viewers engage video longer duration it ranks better this is why YouTube change algorithm to 4k watch hours

  • 3) Video naming: You need to optimize video title for YouTube with smart keyword selection, check with your competitors for keyword rank optimization — Search Engine look at the name of our raw video file so also optimize your thumbnail & other names too

  • 4) Description: Add links to description, put “call to action” — Search Engine want to know what your vid is about so optimized description at least 200 words using a synonym for your keywords and write diff description for each video or it’ll go down as duplicate content, don’t stuff keywords else it won’t rank and also put some description in your comment section

  • 5) Playlist: It adds an extra rank factor to the video, creates using synonym keyword for each vid also organize your vid & make things easier for viewers

  • 6) Customize thumbnail: they won’t add rank but affects video engagement. Adding custom Thumbnail improve your CTR (Click Through Rate)

  • 7) Take advantage of social media: according to web sharing is caring, additional to SEO and Keyword optimizing also share to social media as well

  • 8) Make channel page pretty: YouTube assume channels without a pro picture, header, description, links etc. as spam and it is an additional ranking hack to pop your channel with beautiful content and links in it and write long description in about section with synonyms as keywords, also subscribe to your similar channels & share your video link in blogs, site, comments, & where ever u can possibly.

    Additional tips: link building to your video, SEO to video, generate a list of effective keyword, comment engage with your viewers, research tags, post on Q&A sites, embedded videos to blogs or sites that are already ranked

How to Improve by SMM panels — Part 2

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